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WCWL Reports
Final Report

WCWL Reports

This section of the WCWL Website Library contains the Final Report on the development and testing of WCWL prioritization tools: From Chaos to Order: Making Sense of Waiting Lists in Canada, and Appendices A to I.

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Final Report

From Chaos to Order - Making Sense of Waiting Lists in Canada Final Report of the Western Canada Waiting List Project. May 1, 2001

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Appendix A includes a listing of the original nineteen WCWL Partner organizations and their representatives, and the membership of the WCWL Steering Committee, the five Multidisciplinary Clinical Panels and the Implementation Panel.

Appendix B includes current versions of the priority criteria tools for cataract surgery, general surgery, hip and knee replacement, MRI scanning, and children's mental health.

Appendix C includes full text versions of literature reviews in the following areas:

C1 Cataract surgery
C2 General surgery - breast cancer
C3 General surgery - colorectal cancer
C4 General surgery - inguinal hernia
C5 General surgery - laparoscopic cholecystectomy
C6 Hip and knee joint replacement

Appendix D includes current versions of users' guides for four of the WCWL priority criteria tools: cataract surgery, general surgery, MRI scanning, and children's mental health.

Appendix E includes a summary report and interview guide of the WCWL Environmental Scan. This activity consisted of completion of a series of semi-structured interviews with clinical and administrative staff of the seven WCWL Partner regional health authorities.

Appendix F presents the text of the document "Public Reaction to WCWL Waiting List Tools: Focus Group Study."

Appendix G includes the full text of three discussion papers commissioned by the Western Canada Waiting List Project:

"Toward Standard Definitions of Waiting Times for Health Care Services"
"Establishing Acceptable Waiting Times for Medical Services: A review of the evidence and proposed methods"
"Managing Waiting Lists to Achieve Distributive Justice"

Appendix H includes versions of papers written by David C. Hadorn and the Steering Committee of the Western Canada Waiting List Project:

"Setting priorities on waiting lists: defining our terms"
"Setting Priorities on Waiting Lists: point-count systems as linear models"

Appendix I includes the text of two media releases issued by the Western Canada Waiting List Project. The first (July, 1999) confirmed panel membership and host sites, and the second (October, 2000) described the accompanying interim progress report.

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