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Strategic Management of Demand

Goal: To develop a decision-support tool(s) for appropriateness of TJR.

Sub-Project 1.1:

To expand understanding by reviewing & synthesizing relevant information related to appropriateness of TJR available from a range of perspectives.

Objective 1 (Literature synthesis & surgeon interviews): To fully elucidate & synthesize information on the concept of appropriateness for TJR from the perspective of net clinical benefit.

Objective 2 (Literature synthesis & focus groups 3 cities): To shed light on patient & public preferences & desirability for TJR, concepts integral to understanding the patient & public perspectives.

Objective 3 (Literature review): To summarize information related to the perspective of decision-makers in determining appropriateness of TJR, including considerations of value and cost.

Sub-Project 1.2:

Objective (Literature synthesis & outcomes studies in Winnipeg): To identify patient characteristics associated with positive or negative outcomes of TJR.

Sub-Project 1.3:

Objective 1 (Multi- method): To develop a Decision-Support Tool for determining appropriateness of TJR based on the perspective & expertise of clinicians.

Objective 2 (Literature review & focus groups 3 cities): To elucidate patient expectations for & willingness to undergo surgery among patients consulting a surgeon.

Objective 3 To identify the perspective of policy decision-makers regarding appropriateness of TJR. Objective 4 To formulate criteria which define appropriateness for TJR.

Sub-Project 1.4:

Objective (Population Health Model- Stats Can): To project future demand & use of TJR in Alberta

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